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"Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"

Albert Einstein




This year will see a number of unique opportunities to explore the ideas and principles of psychosynthesis. Together with Jessica Nelson I will be hosting a series of Spirit Matters workshops both in Edinburgh and Cornwall. I will also take part in an evening conversation with Graham Colbourne on spirituality and psychotherapy at the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute. And during the Edinburgh Peace and Spirituality Festival I will be offering a labyrinth walk. You will find more details about these different events below and on the labyrinth page.

Spirit Matters
Workshops 2017

We are offering a series of two day workshops that aim to introduce key concepts of psychosynthesis to a wider audience. Psychosynthesis is one of the first western psychologies to include both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the person. It speaks to our highest aspirations as well as to our humanness and has been called a psychology with soul.

Over each two days we will use guided imagery, meditation, creativity and dialogue to explore the different themes. These workshops are open to anybody interested in a deeper understanding of themselves and the world we live in. They also offer a unique CPD opportunity for those who work in the helping professions.

The Journey Begins
Finding our unique voice

There are times in our lives when we may struggle in our personal or professional relationships and feel we have lost the sense of who we are. The ripples that disturb life, the blunders we make, the chaos we experience around us may offer openings to a new destiny, a call to pass a threshold into a new understanding of both ourselves and the world around us. Responding to this call takes us on a journey of exploration and self discovery. This weekend workshop offers participants an opportunity to explore and connect to their inner wisdom, which can be a source of guidance and direction in times of turmoil and uncertainty.

Date: 11th and 12th February
Venue: Tara Rokpa, 12 Marchal Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 5HL

The Dance of Relationship
'no man is an island'

From the moment we are born we live our lives in a social context and share this planet with millions of other human beings. We are not independent, isolated individuals but interdependent relational beings whether we are comfortable with this or not.

This workshop will explore how our relationships in the here and now are influenced both by the past and the future and how, on life’s journey, relationship itself can provide a safe, sacred container for transformation. We will work with our senses to discover a different way of knowing the world we experience. The dance of relationship includes fully understanding our relationship with our own inner being and opening to a sense of responsibility, compassion and love that all form links in the chain of conscious relationships.

Date: 20th and 21st May
Venue: in Edinburgh to be confirmed

Living in the Space Between - Endings and Transitions

This workshop considers the flow of life as a constant series of beginnings, endings and transitions and how through this our inner essence seeks ever greater expression. Each stage of our lives, every external event we experience calls for us to die to old habits that no longer work and choose new skills that can help us to lead a more effective life. At times of change we can become overwhelmed by the experience of separation and loss, leading to either clinging to what has been or jumping straight to the future. The gaps in the flow of life are opportunities to free ourselves from those identifications which no longer serve us. The more aware we are of our individual approach to life’s transitions, and where we tend to get ‘stuck’ or opt out, the smoother those transitions will become.

This final workshop will explore different perspectives on the process of endings as well as learning how to approach change with curiosity rather than dread. We will use creativity and guided meditation as a means of focusing and recognising the impermanence of all things so that we can be more present to ourselves and others.

Date: 23rd and 24th September
Venue: Tara Rokpa, 12 Marchal Crescent, Edinburgh EH16 5HL

Cost: £ 150.00 per workshop or £ 400.00 for all three if booked in advance.

Theo Dijkman MA UKCP reg. psychotherapist, supervisor and organisational consultant.
Jessica Nelson MA UKCP reg. psychotherapist, supervisor and writer.
Both have extensive experience of delivering psychotherapy training at MA level.

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Other Events

Spirit Matters - The Journey Begins - 2nd and 3rd September 2017
A unique opportunity to experience this workshop in the beautiful surroundings of Mount Pleasant Ecopark, Porthtowan, Cornwall.
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Evening conversation series at the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute
On June 1st, 2017 I will take part in an evening conversation with Graham Colbourne on the topic

Spirituality and psychotherapy: intersecting paths to wholeness?

In this third year of the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute popular evening conversation series, we will be exploring the relationship between spirituality and psychotherapy. Where is the common ground? Where do the paths diverge? Are there places where psychotherapy can’t or shouldn’t go? Are there paths which psychotherapy is best placed to lead on?

We will reflect on these questions with regard to the role of the therapist; the theoretical and spiritual framework of each approach; the kind of conversations and activities which can be supportive for clients, and the spiritual orientation/ style of the practitioner. There will be opportunities for questions, discussion and mingling. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Location: Edinburgh Gestalt Institute, 51 Lothian Road, EH1 2DJ
Date: Thursday 1 June 2017
Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Cost: £15 for booking contact the Edinburgh Gestalt Institute by following this link

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