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Psychotherapist Theo Dijkman Counselling and psychotherapy "There is in each of us a longing to see beyond what our usual sight tells us"

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psychotherapy, counselling and supervision

There can be times in our lives when we feel we have lost direction, when we wonder what it is all about. We may struggle in our relationships and it is as if we are not seen or heard. Or the past just continues to haunt us and we feel we have lost our own sense of who we are. There may be times when we feel overwhelmed by a lack of confidence and a sense of being stuck, when we wonder how to access our creativity to give expression to love, beauty and joy in our lives.

Psychosynthesis, as a psycho-spiritual psychology, considers these difficulties in life not purely as problems that need to be solved. These are stirrings at the level of our soul calling us to be the person who we are meant to be. As a psychotherapist I work with clients to enable them to live their lives to the fullest. This includes understanding both how our past can limit us and how to connect to and fulfil our potential.

My therapeutic approach includes talking as well as working with the body, dreams, intuition and the imagination to allow what we are usually not aware of to speak and guide us. Feeling more connected with our own inner wisdom enables us to meet the challenges in life.

I offer the following:

Individual psychotherapy and counselling
An opportunity to achieve greater insight, understanding and choice in life or to explore specific issues. Clients have presented with a wide range of issues including:

Relationship problems
Life and career choices
Existential questioning
Boarding school issues
Sexual identity
Substance misuse
Mood disorders
Childhood trauma
Eating disorders
Spiritual emergencies
Gender issues

Mindful relationships - couples work
We are all relational beings whether we are conscious of this or not. Everything we say or do even if we withdraw from relationship has an impact on others. There can be times when we feel isolated and alone in our relationships or we can find ourselves stuck in a cycle of blame and misunderstanding.

I work with couples to bring greater awareness to how they relate and communicate with each other. This greater awareness offers the opportunity to open to a sense of understanding, compassion and love that form the basis of mindful relationships.

Clinical supervision
I offer both one to one and group supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors. My training background is strongly informed by psychosynthesis and includes psychodynamic, person centred, and solution focused thinking.

I also offer supervision to complementary therapists who seek to gain greater psychological understanding about their work with others and the impact this has on both their clients and themselves.

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